The Next Nonfiction Must-Read

EarlyWord calls it "the sure-fire success of the fall."  Publisher's Weekly (7/6/12) says, "this is an astonishing, pertinent, and wonderfully welcome work."  Will Schwalbe's The End of Your Life Book Club won't be out for another month, but it's already getting rave reviews.  When Schwalbe, a former editor-in-chief at Hyperion Books, learned his mother was dying of cancer, they formed a two-person book club.  Together they read and discussed books from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to The Book of Common Prayer.  Through the lens of the books, they could explore their own feelings about life and death in an open and honest manner, a process which revealed new things about themselves and each other.  Some books simply gave them the benefit of having something else to talk about, a welcome relief from the stress, pain, and grief of terminal illness.  "In a heartfelt tribute to his mother, Schwalbe illustrates the power of the written word to expand our knowledge of ourselves and others." - Kirkus Reviews (8/1/12).  

The End of Your Life Book Club is currently on order for Los Altos Library - reserve your copy today and be one of the first to read what is sure to be one of the most popular books of the fall!