Back to school cafeteria food: to eat, or not to eat?

Fed up with LunchWhether the students like it or not, it's back-to-school time! This "magical" few weeks means the return of alarm clocks, bus schedules, homework, and, of course, the infamous school lunch. While many parents choose to prepare a meal at home for their child to bring with them, many students and their families opt for food from the school cafeteria. Whether it's made on-site or bussed in from a commercial food preparation facility, school cafeterias offer a (relatively) low-cost and easy way for students to have a full-meal on campus...or do they?

In late 2011, Sarah Wu, a Chicago teacher, published a book based on her blog, The inspiration for her blog, and subsequently the book, came from an incident when, after neglecting to pack a lunch one day, Wu was forced to purchase a lunch from the school cafeteria. What she was served, a hot dog in a white flour bun, some tater tots, Jell-O and chocolate milk, shocked her. In an interview with USAToday, Wu explains how she began her blog by eating and photographing meals she was served from the school cafeteria. From pools of grease to gelatinous sloppy jo meat, readers became fascinated with what Wu, who initially published the blog anonymously, was uncovering.

In her book, Fed Up With Lunch, Wu reveals how her simple idea became a nationwide sensation, and gives parents tips on how to get invovled in improving school lunches in their community. The book and the