Get Inspired and Go for the Gold!

If you are anything like me, your eyes have been glued to the TV every night this past week watching the 2012 Summer Olympics. I mean, come on, this has been exciting! I’ve even caught myself nearing the edge of the couch and flexing my fingers while watching Badminton (a sport I’ve always equated with being as much fun as staring directly into the sun for 3 hours)! There is no denying it, I’m hooked. And, you’d better believe that every time the underdog athlete comes from behind to take the win, my chest tightens and I have to fight back the tears from rolling down my cheek. OK, OK, no tears yet, but the entire show is really moving. As humans, we love competition, whether we’re cheering on our favorite teams or just admiring talented athletes. Either way, sports inspire us. And even though the Olympics only rolls around every few years, there are some great reads out there that will keep us energized and inspired. Here are a few of my all-time faves:


Soul Surfer Soul Surfer


Pre Pre


The Boys of Winter The Boys of Winter


It's Not about the Bike It's Not about the Bike