The Arab Uprisings: What You Need to Know

Posted on Friday, September 13, 2013 by WorldAffairs

Ignited on December 17, 2010 by the self-immolation of Tunisian fruitseller Muhammad Al Bouazizi, the uprisings in the Arab World began with hope for a better future and have devolved into the current humanitarian and political crisis that is Syria. To understand what led to the rash of popular revolts and where events in the region may be headed, check out these books:

The Arab Uprisings: What Everyone Needs to Know by James L. Gelvin ("This impressive achievement brings together a vast amount of information in a lucid manner. Highly recommended." --Library Journal)

The Arab Uprisings

Rock the Casbah: Rage and Rebellion Across the Islamic World  by  Robin  Wright (“…Wright is one of the most capable observers of the Middle East….her chronicles of counter-jihad, anti-militancy, and women's mobilization are a timely contribution.” --Huffington Post)

Rock the Casbah 

Arab Uprising: the Unfinished Revolutions of the New Middle East    by  Marc Lynch (“One of the most profound books about the nature of the transformations under way, of the consciousness of the public squares and the new popular anger in today's Arab world.” Al-Ghad (Jordan) )

The Arab Uprising

The Dispensable Nation: American Foreign Policy in Retreat by Vali Nasr (“An original, powerful, and provocative critique of American foreign policy under President Obama.”George Packer, author of  The Assassins' Gate )

The Dispensable Nation

Arab Spring Dreams: The Next Generation Speaks Out for Freedom and Justice from North Africa to Iran edited by Nasser Wedaddy et al,   foreword by Gloria Steinem ("This is a wonderful book, and a stirring testament to the truth that the desire for freedom and democracy transcends the boundaries of nationalities, religion, ethnicity, race and gender."--Azar Nafisi, author of  Reading Lolita in Tehran )

Arab Spring Dreams



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