How To Plan Your Dream Vacation

Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2013 by Travel_and_Outdoors

Passport and MapIn the midst of planning my vacation with what began as a romantic getaway for two quickly turned into a full fledge family vacation. This created a big dilemma, what do you do with such a large group? The key word is planning!
First off you have to figure out where to compromise because everyone has their own idea of where they want to go and what places they want to see. Planning an itinerary is no easy task but getting the entire group involved is a good idea because everyone takes ownership of the plan in question. Ask each member to write down what their personal interests are and what they want to see. Next check and see if there are obvious patterns and trends. Which of these activities would your family most enjoy doing together?
  • Going for nature walks and hikes
  • Visiting museums and historical places
  • Shopping
  • Attending music events  and art shows
  • Walking and visiting the local eateries
  • Going on thrill rides
  • Participating in a guided tour
If it’s a large group, consider of splitting up like-minded members into pairs.
If you plan on traveling with young children, elderly parents/grandparents, and/or pets be sure to consider special needs when booking flights, hotel rooms, guided tours, etc.
If you’re travelling to a destination that you’ve never been to before consider booking arrangements with a specialized tour operator. One good way to see an unknown place is by booking a cruise that goes to where you want to go. It is the ultimate way to vacation in terms of convenience. Not only will you have the chance to disembark on land to visit the local sights and sounds but your housing accommodations and meals are also covered. These items do add up and with a cruise you will get entertainment, lodging, meals and personal assistance all in one. In addition many cruise lines will provide you with special deals on airfare, on board credit, and free gratuities.
Don't think you have to do everything in one vacation. You will enjoy the trip more if you travel slowly, building down time into your itinerary. To avoid unscrupulous tour companies and hotels be sure to check their reviews online. Read as many reviews as you need to feel comfortable, and if at all possible speak to someone who has used the tour company or stayed at the hotel.
To get started, check out the following resources available from the library.

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