Meet the Travel & Outdoors Team: Lora

Posted on Friday, January 25, 2013 by Travel_and_Outdoors

My name is Lora and I’m one of the contributors to our Travel & Outdoors page. What I find exciting about traveling is visiting places I have never been to before. Traveling by ship and train is my favorite means of transportation. I have trained across the United States and have even taken the spectacular Queen Mary 2 for a transatlantic crossing. I enjoy the old fashioned slower paced style of traveling over the convenience of faster commercial airlines. Of course that is not always possible because of time restrictions.

Photo of Queen Mary 2 Photo of Amtrak

I have traveled to many countries in Europe, Canada as well as visiting dozens of states in the United States. My favorite places to stay are in small bed & breakfast inns. I enjoy visiting museums (art, science, and history), local shops, farmer’s markets, and good coffee shops. Whenever I go to a new place I’m very interested in visiting their local bookstore to see what they offer on a local level. I also like to see how the store is arranged and how it is furnished. I end up buying a book or two, a bookmark and perhaps a few postcards. I also love to hang out in the local coffee shops to relax, reflect and perhaps chat with the townsfolk. My favorite places to date are Munich, Germany and Bennington, Vermont. When I’m in Munich I always make sure that I stop by the famous coffee house Dallmayr Café. I find the perfect gift there – whether it’s coffee, tea, or another specialty item. In Bennington, Vermont I enjoy walking through the downtown area, visiting the famous battle monument and touring the back roads and covered bridges. I love purchasing home-made jams, apple butters and maple syrup!

Since my area of expertise is travel by train and ship, I will focus on different modes of transportation, as well as visiting some of the major attractions in Europe and these United States.

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