"This Song Will Save Your Life" by Leila Sales

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This Song Will save your Life

This Song Will save your Life

by Leila Sales

Gr 9+

276 pages

Elise Dembowski has never done things half-heartedly.   When she was eight years old she built her own dollhouse, at fifteen she is even more ambitious - Elise has decided she'll make herself cool. Except she doesn’t; if anything Elise makes her life even worse.   She’s the girl eating her lunch alone in the bathroom, not the one hanging out at the popular table.  When her attempt at popularity fails Elise nearly gives up on life.

But life changes when Elise stumbles into an underground dance party – a party where no one knows who Elise is. They don’t know that she's an outcast, that she's constantly mocked, or that she’s one of those people who just doesn't  'fit in'. 

Finally Elise has found a place to be herself, she’s found music she loves, music that inspires her – that saves her life.  Her evenings are full of clandestine dance parties where she is the hottest new DJ sensation but her daytimes are still haunted by bullies.  Elise has found what she always wanted – love, acceptance and friendship. Will her 'real life' steal it all away from her?


Elise finds salvation in music. Take a look at the spotify playlist above to listen to some of the songs that helped save Elise's life.

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