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Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2012 by Kelly_TeenLib



by Rachel Hartman

Grade 9+

465 pages

Seraphina has a secret.  In a world where dragons and humans coexist, bound together by the most fragile of peace treaties, Seraphina is the one thing that no one believes is real - a half-breed. 

Gifted with an astonishing musical talent, Seraphina juggles life as the assistant to court musician, Viridius, with lessons from Orma, the dragon who is so much more to her than just a tutor.

Four decades of uneasy peace are blown asunder when the Prince of Goredd is found dead.  Dragons can fold themselves in to human form, but their coldly analytical minds always mark them as different.  With the Dragon’s leader arriving for the anniversary celebrations the city is in turmoil.  Dragons are being harassed by roving gangs of humans and the exiled knights are sending in reports of a dragon seen flying near the location of the Prince's murder.

Seraphina finds herself drawn in to the investigation of the Prince’s death, working alongside the dangerously insightful Lucian Kiggs.  Together they find hints of a sinister plot that threatens both dragon and human realms.  Can Seraphina help keep the peace between dragons and humans, hide her true self and manage to keep her heart intact?

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