Expendable? I don't think so!

Posted on Wednesday, August 29, 2012 by Kelly_TeenLib

The ExpendablesWhen it comes to action heroes the 80's/90's were in a class of their own.  Gone were the days of the lithe and limber swashbucklers such as Errol Flynn, in their place were muscle bound hunks who delivered their catch-phrases with a dead-pan expression.

I admit that I watched my share of action movies.  Arnold Schwarzenegger's sunglasses clad Terminator coupled with Linda Hamilton's kick-ass Mom-saving-the-world were my idea of a good time.

I look back on the days when the action movie reigned supreme with fondness and it seems I'm not alone. The Expendables  saw the return of some of actions biggest stars, now The Expendables 2 has hit the big screen, adding even more names to its all-star cast.  With its number one spot at the box office it's clear that action star nostalgia lives amongst us all.

Why not take a trip down memory lane and indulge in a little Arnold, Bruce or Sylvester.

The Terminator The Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger's iconic Terminator role starts right here.  A robotic masterpiece, the Terminator is sent back in time to destroy Sarah Connor, the woman who will give birth to the man who could destroy Skynet (the artificial intelligence system bent on destroying all humans!).

Be sure to check out the others in the series.  My favorite is Terminator 2 where Linda Hamilton goes from running scared of the big bad robots to fully prepared to fight for her son's (and the worlds!) future.

Die Hard Die Hard  

Die Hard

With Die Hard Bruce Willis made the jump from small screen detective to blockbuster movie star.  It's Christmas Eve and a group of criminals have taken hostage a corporate Christmas party.  Unfortunately for them, NYPD officer John McClane is in attendance.

Die Hard also features the fantastic Alan Rickman, more recently seen in the Harry Potter movies as Severus Snape.

First Blood

First there was Rocky Balboa, then there was Rambo. Sylvester Stallone brought to life both one of my favorite underdogs and a take-no-names hero.

In First Blood we meet Rambo, a Vietnam Vet returning to the USA, who just wants to find a good meal.  The local sheriff objects to his presence in town and the rest... is action movie history.