Making Sense of Passwords.

Posted on Thursday, September 5, 2013 by Tech_and_Science


Password Confusion?

Are you confused by the number of passwords that you have to manage on a daily basis? Passwords for email, online banking, facebook, and other websites can sometimes be challenging to remember.

In order to create passwords to secure our data, here are some helpful ideas.

What makes a good password?

Pick a password of at least 12 characters.

The password should include letters, numbers, and punctuation.

You should include the following punctuation such as !,_, ?, - , &, and quotations.

Picking a theme for a password?

One of the most difficult elements of a good password is how to remember it. If you make it too complicated and secure, there is a chance you might forget it.

Therefore, pick something that you can remember but is not obvious. For example, your address or name is not secure. 

A more secure theme may be historical figures, famous or not-so-famous musicians, names spelled backwards, or something obscure that only you know.

A good password can also be a sentence that has many characters and numbers.

A Mnemonic is also a good tool. For example, you could pick a famous singer. Then, create a password from the first letter of each word of the singer’s name or one their songs.