Advanced Google Search Skills

Posted on Tuesday, November 5, 2013 by SinatraFan


Have you ever been lost on Google trying to find information? Do you want to refine your search results to be more specific based on location, reading level, or other options?

If so follow these steps.

1. Go to Google and type in a search term. Click enter. Look below the search box and click on the grey box that says Search tools.

2. You will now see three categories. They are Any time, All results, and Location.

When you click on Anytime, you will see these options. You can even search a custom date range.



Here is the custom date range search box. When the box appears, enter the date range you want to search. 


Here are the results. Note that the results are before January 31, 2004.




3. When you select All results, you will see these options.


4. When you select San Jose, CA (this is the location field)  the following box appears.

To change the physical location of where you want Google to search where people are looking for this term, change the name of the city.



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