Jane's Fave Science & Tech YouTube channels

Posted on Monday, July 22, 2013 by JANE CRONKHITE

Field Museum Sue

Love tech and science?  There are some great channels on YouTube to enhance your learning, make you go "huh," or give you some fun facts at your fingertips!  I like to subscribe to YouTube channels and flip through my subscriptions every couple of weeks and learn something new. 

Here are a few of my favorites:

Science and Tech on YouTube

Technology, education and design talks from all over the world.  This channel is sort of the "best of."

Weekly doses of science and fun.  They answer questions like weird ways to burn 200 calories, and the science of goosebumps.
Not strictly science and tech, although they interview interesting folks like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Andrew Weil, Mary Roach, etc.
Vi Hart is a mathematician at the Khan Academy.  She publishes on geometry, patterns and is a self-professed "mathemusician."
Science in one minute!
The Brain Scoop:
By Emily, from the Field Museum in Chicago
DIY technology at home from the founders of Make Magazine