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Posted on Tuesday, January 29, 2013 by sccl_smart_investing

cover from teaching company productTake this Teaching Company Course on basic personal finance information from Duke University professor of economics, Connel Fullencamp. Understanding Investments is one of the many wonderful economics classes available from the library.

What are your most important financial goals? Sending your kids to college? Buying a new home? Retiring early? Having the freedom to not worry about whether you can afford to buy a new car or go on vacation? It's your financial resources that are the determining factor in how you're able to answer these and a host of other questions. And few things are as important in determining just what those financial resources are as your understanding of where and how to invest.

Essential Knowledge for Newcomers and Experienced Investors

As a newcomer to investing, Understanding Investments gives you the confidence—and specific tools—to

  • get your feet wet in the investment world and begin building your investment portfolio, even if you have to start small;
  • better understand the recommendations and advice of more experienced investors and financial advisors;
  • develop your own personal investment plan; and
  • move toward realizing your plan's goals with as little anxiety and fear as possible.

And if you happen to be that more experienced investor, this course will

  • introduce you to some advanced investment strategies and opportunities;
  • show you how to stay on top of your portfolio, and
  • adjust its direction as economic conditions—or your own plans—change.

As an added bonus, not only will this course make you a more knowledgeable and confident investor, you will also become adept at making sense of the financial news that constitutes an increasing share of what you read in our newspapers, watch on television, or discover on the Internet. And it will also help you better grasp the financial condition and performance of the company at which you work, which can be invaluable in making key career decisions.  Take a gander at this list of other Great Courses titles we own on business and finance.

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