Financial Analysis for Managers

Posted on Friday, February 1, 2013 by sccl_smart_investing

The Essentials of Financial Analysis Outside of the accounting and finance departments, not many business people are interested in the finer points of financial reports. But every manager must have a thorough understanding of what their finance and accounting staffs do, why they do it, and what these reports really mean.

 This indispensable book demystifies the role that accounting and finance play in a corporation and demonstrates how financial decisions are manifestations of company goals.

The Essentials of Financial Analysis simplifies an often difficult-to-understand topic, so a range of stakeholders from employees to executives to investors can understand, evauate and discuss any organization's financial workings.  Make better business decisions everyday by illustrating how to structure financial analysis, as well as:


  • Contribute to an organization’s success and guide others companywide to make better financial decisions
  • Reduce cost of capital