Veterans--Can We Help You?

Posted on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 by sccl_smart_investing

We have some great resources for veterans transitioning back to civilian life including  Janelle Hill's book Life after the Military Life after the Military  This book was created by extracting valuable material from federal Web sites and supplementing it with original content as necessary. This robust compilation of information covers essential topics ranging from embarking on a new career, starting a business, furthering education, finding a home, insurance, benefits, and other financial concerns. Mental health aspects aren't given short shrift either with topics including PTSD and the impact of military separation on identity. Helpful web links, clear explanations of important laws and benefits, and facts and figures necessary to taking full advantage of benefits are provided. The book deals with the whole person, so domestic issues are addressed including a detailed guide to marital health.  The authors delineate which benefits and services wi