Updated Social Security and Medicare Information

Posted on Monday, November 19, 2012 by sccl_smart_investing


Social Security, Medicare & Government Pensions

Social Security, Medicare & Government Pensions Maximize your Social Security, SSI, and Medicare benefits and navigate the system with confidence.

Everyone wants to get the highest possible retirement and pension income - not to mention the best medical coverage. Turn to Matthews' latest guide to discover the benefits you're entitled to and how to claim them as easily as possible.

Learn how to: determine the amount of benefits you're entitled to, qualify and apply for Medicare and Medicaid including Part D prescription drug coverage, understand medigap and managed care, claim earned government pensions and Veterans' benefits while timing your retirement to get the best results.

This edition includes new information on Medicare rules and how federal healthcare reform legislation may affect your coverage, updated benefit numbers for Social Security, Medicare, and SSI, and fully up-to-date resources and contact information.   Search our catalog for more up-to-date information on Medicare and Social Security

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