Moody Markets

Posted on Thursday, November 15, 2012 by sccl_smart_investing

Using the author’s “Horizon Preference” theory,  this book answers many of the questions every investor wants answered.

  • Why do I tend to get into and out of the market at the wrong times?
  • Why are professionals prone to the exact same problems?
  • Why do financial crises happen?
  • Is there a way to approximately measure where we are in the overall market cycle?

 While building on insights from Elliott Wave Theory and Robert Prechter's work in socionomics, Peter Atwater's Moods And Markets: A New Way To Invest In Good Times And In Bad Moods And Markets: A New Way To Invest In Good Times And In Bad  shows how we naturally narrow our physical, time, and relationship horizons to the "local" in bad times and widen them to the "global" in better times. Atwater's easy-to-understand framework helps investors quickly identify the direction of social mood and the markets using readily available, but frequently overlooked, clues from the world around us. To Atwater there is no coincidence to the Occupy Wall Street movement, "The Hunger Games, Downtown Abbey," farm-to-table dining-locavore, and the rise of Facebook with our volatile stock markets today. Through numerous recent real-life examples, readers will gain deeper insights into short- and long-term investment trends in virtually every key market sector.

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