Regency Romance Goes on a Blind Date with Urban Fantasy

Posted on Friday, May 3, 2013 by Saratoga_Library


This book felt like a mediocre blind date.  I so wanted to love this book, and in fact I do love aspects of it.  I'd probably go on a second date with it but I don't want to kiss it.
I love the split between the two worlds - Mundanus, the "real world" and the Nether, where the Fae and Fae-touched live. The Nether is a sort of paranormal 18th century society where everyone talks in Jane Austen-ese and abides by arcane social rules.  The Fae themselves are exiled to Exilium for some unnamed long-ago crime.
All of this is excellent setup, but it never really pays off. Only one plot line is concluded at the end, and the other is left hanging, without even a partial resolution.  I don't mind cliffhangers, but this was really unsatisfying.  It's a short story that didn't quite make the jump to novel.  Clearly the author is setting up the next entry in the series (Split Worlds) but it better pay off to make the unsatisfying first book worth it.
Recommended, with caveats, to fans of Jane Austen, Regency romances, and less-gritty urban fantasy.

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