Extend your reading fun

Posted on Wednesday, August 21, 2013 by Saratoga_Library

 frog adn toad are friends      A frog's life    As this new school year's reading adventures kick off, here is a tip to keep in mind:  The Common Core State Standards for English-Language Arts recommend balancing fiction with nonfiction reading as well as with different types of fictional reading such as poetry and folktales.  For a kindergartener or first grader you could pair a Frog and Toad story by Arnold Lobel with an informational book in the nonfiction Easy Reader section about frogs or toads.   You could throw in a poem about toads such as John Agee’s “Two Tree Toads” in the Orangutan Tongs  poetry collection. 

hero on a bicycle      women heroes of WWII

  Or a sixth grader, after reading, Hero on a Bicycle, a gripping novel set in Nazi-occupied Italy during WWII, could explore a nonfiction title such as Life under Occupation or Women Heroes of WWII;  or perhaps the Diary of Anne Frank.  For more reading connections, see your librarian. 

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