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Posted on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 by Robyn_Bookworm

September is Library Card Sign Up Month! Having a library card provides you access to fun programs, useful online databases, tools such as microfilm and copiers, and materials such as video games, movies, music and of course books! Here is a list of books that celebrate the meaning and importance of libraries. Why do you love the library? Leave us a comment and let us know.

 The Library

The Library: An Illustrated History -Stuart Murray

This beautiful book traces the history of the library from collections of ancient Mesopotamian clay tablets, to the modern emergence of digital libraries. The evolution of the library and the ways it has changed to meet the needs of different societies makes for an interesting read; but it is the pictures that will really grab your attention. If you love books you will want to check this one out simply to glimpse some of the amazing libraries that have been built over the years.


In the Stacks

In the Stacks

Edited by a former librarian and penned by well-known authors from the past 100 years, this collection of short stories will make you view libraries like you never have before. Ray Bradbury’s eerie tale conjures ghosts from the pages of well-read novels. Ursula K. LeGuin celebrates the loyalty of librarians in a dystopian horror. Jorge Luis Borges uses the library as a metaphor for exploring metaphysical and philosophical questions that will leave you spellbound.


Unshelved -Bill Barnes

Ever wonder what life is like on the other side of the desk? This hilarious graphic novel illustrates the life of library employees and the strange and quirky occurrences that make up a typical day in a public library. If you thought a day at the library would be quiet and dull, think again.



The Library at Night

The Library at Night -Alberto Manguel

Bibliophile, Alberto Manguel explores the many uses, functions and meanings of a library from the sanctity of his own personal library. Each chapter examines the library through a different perspective, many of which will seem all-too familiar to book lovers. The Library as Identity discusses the role that books play in shaping the life and mind of readers. The Library as Power explores the tools that the library offers to anyone who enters its doors. My personal favorite is The Library as Shape, in which Manguel muses on the futility of trying to maintain any type of order in the chaotic realm of books.


Reading with the Stars


Reading with the Stars -Leonard Kniffel

In this collection of essays, stars from all over the spectrum share their love for libraries. Actress Jamie Lee Curtis gushes about the bond parents and children establish through reading together. Basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar espouses the importance of literacy and the ways that books can broaden a reader’s world-view. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, celebrates the ways that libraries connect people to each other and provide access to technologies that may not be accessible to everyone. There are so many reasons to love libraries. What's yours?

~Robyn's Bibliomania


Why do you love the library? Leave a comment and let us know.

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