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Posted on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 by readingprogram

Hi, I’m Stephanie. I am a Literacy Specialist for Gilroy, Morgan Hill and Mountain View Libraries. I started working in the field of adult literacy about seven years ago when I was looking for a second career that would let me combine two lifelong interests – helping people learn and BOOKS.

What is your professional background?

For over fifteen years, I managed technical publications and training organizations for Silicon Valley electronics firms. Earlier still, I worked as a technical editor and freelance writer on manuals and marketing literature.

Why do you like being a Literacy Specialist?

I am so lucky to have an occupation that is intrinsically rewarding. As I work with volunteer tutors and their adult students, I feel part of a community of incredible generosity that shares in aspirations, encourages and helps in difficulties, and rejoices in victories large and small. It is the type of community I would like everyone to experience.

What’s your specialty?

I’m often called upon to help students with written grammar problems and with constructing essays and research papers, in other words, the geekier aspects of grammar and rhetoric.

What are some of your favorite authors?

I’ve lived the life of a reading junkie, and, truthfully, I’m not overly particular about sticking to a favorite set of authors or genres, although, if pressed, I would admit to being quite fond of Annie Proulx, Margaret Atwood, Jonathan Franzen and David Guterson. Ask me tomorrow, and I might give a different list.

Here are a few books that I’ve read recently and thoroughly enjoyed:


Gulp by Mary Roach, a disgusting yet hilarious exploration of the inner self

Gone Girl

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, a look at marriage – through a glass darkly

The Litigators

The Litigators by John Grisham, the goofiest ambulance chasers ever

On my nightstand right now are:

And the Mountains Echoed

And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

The Great Deformation 

The Great Deformation by David Stockman

What are your hobbies?

Besides reading, I enjoy movies, garden a little, workout a little and travel a little. I just got back from a fabulous two weeks in Paris, Florence and Rome – so splendid and interesting. I really wanted to show all my 400+ pictures, but Brenda nixed the idea. So here is just one lovely autumnal Paris afternoon.










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