Are We Responsible for Animals and Their Well-Being?

Posted on Sunday, June 9, 2013 by Pets_and_Animals

In James Patterson's and Michael Ledwidge's new apocalyptic novel, Zoo, all the animals of the world are attacking and eating the human population. The scientists discover it has to do with man-made changes in the environment and so they are forced to make some tough decisions to save the planet.

Even though this is a work of fiction, there are some real life challenges facing our fellow animals on this planet. Not only are homes in jeopardy due to environmental changes, but because of the dramatic increases in human populations, human and animal encounters are more common, with the animal usually the one to get destroyed or relocated. Do we dominate them and eventually rid them from the planet, or become caretakers and keep the rich diversity that is so unique to our earth?

Zoo Zoo

The following are some excellent books and documentary DVDs that explore the question of our responsibility towards our fellow creatures.


Zoo Story Zoo Story

The Wauchula Woods Accord The Wauchula Woods Accord

Elephants on the Edge Elephants on the Edge

The Elephant in the Living Room The Elephant in the Living Room

The Cove The Cove

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