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L G Creek Dog Park has both a big dog area and a small dog area

The Saratoga Creek Dog Park I mentioned yesterday has just the one area for all the dogs, regardless of size. The Los Gatos Creek Dog Park has two areas--one for big dogs, and one for small dogs. It is in Los Gatos Creek Park along the Los Gatos Creek Trail, a little north of the percolation ponds.

Dog Park in West San Jose

We really enjoy the dog park in Saratoga Creek Park. The dog park is at the west end of Graves Avenue, behind Orchard Supply. I Usually go with my 4 tear old granddaughter Cristina, 8 year old Baileygirl(Aussie Shepherd mix) and 4 year old Oso (yellow lab mix), both adopted from shelters. A 10 minute walk north takes you to a nice kids' playground (there's parking there also).

Mike O's philosophy on pets

We don't abuse our pets, we schmooze our pets!


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