Jackson Galaxy is the Cat Daddy

Posted on Wednesday, August 7, 2013 by Pets_and_Animals


My Cat From Hell.

 Any avid watcher of the Animal Planet Channel has watched a commercial or an episode of this touching program, very similar to Cesar Millan's Dog Whisper. Jackson Galaxy, a cat behaviorist, helps to retrain problem cats and their "Cat Guardians" through play and bonding. Saving most of these cats from being put up for adoption or even euthanasia because their Guardians are at their wits end.  Having seen almost every episode myself, I have laughed and cried while watching what these pet owners go through and always hoping for a happy ending. And Cat Daddy is not just filled with stories about our feline friends but also with Jackson’s long battle against drugs, alcohol and food addiction. A raw, must read for any fan of the popular television show.