Staff Pick: Woodland Knits

Posted on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 by shoshanalibrarian

Woodland Knits When I first saw the adorable deer hat on the cover of Woodland Knits by Stephanie Dosen, I knew I had to check this book out. Dosen's collection of beautiful, inventive, and stylish woodland-themed projects include faerie wings, a fox stole (and mini-collar, modeled by yours truly below), and an assortment of whimsical scarves, cowls, hoods, mittens, and more. So far I've only made the . . . more »

Libraries and the Internet: a Love Story

Posted on Monday, February 17, 2014 by shoshanalibrarian

When remembering the libraries of my youth, I get a warm, fuzzy feeling of happy nostalgia thinking about the card catalog, the satisfying clunk of the date stamp, the shelves of slightly dusty reference books on sometimes bizarre and esoteric subjects. I still geek out when I see an old card catalog, or find a yellowed checkout card still inside of an older library book. . . . more »