Angus is a Punk Rocker: Bands My Baby Loves

Posted on Wednesday, August 1, 2012 by shoshanalibrarian

My four-month-old does not dig lullabies.  The best way to get him to sleep?  Have a lo-fi dance party - he loves anything with a fast tempo, heavy distortion, and lots of guitar.  For some reason, this is his idea of relaxing music - maybe because he heard me singing along to it while he was in the womb, maybe because all music sounds lo-fi from inside a body, who knows?

Check out Gus's favorites:

Rocket to Russia


The Ramones is one of his favorite bands.  Their music is like 60s girl group songs played by four dudes who only know 3 chords.  It's incredible.



Collection II


The Misfits is another classic punk band with unintelligible lyrics and surprisingly catchy tunes, but faster in tempo and darker in subject matter.



200 Million Thousand


The Black Lips continue the tradition with their compulsively danceable garage rock.  




For Gus's more obscure favorites that aren't available at the libary, check out this playlist!

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