Romantic Fiction, not of the Paranormal Variety

Posted on Wednesday, July 25, 2012 by Nichole_TeenLit

I know, I know...this is supposed to be a blog about paranormal things, but I have read some of the best realistic, romantic fiction for teens these past few weeks and they warrant some attention on the blog. It's almost impossible to write teen fiction, paranormal or not, and exclude romance because it's integral to nearly every teens life. High school is when you start to have crushes, the hormones are going bonkers and all this mixed in with normal everyday life leads to lots of teen angst, a perfect scenario for an exciting teen book! These four new titles are really the best of the best out right now, check them out!

 My Life next DoorMy Life next Door

When Samantha, the seventeen-year-old daugher of a wealthy, perfectionistic, Republican state senator, falls in love with the boy next door, whose family is large, boisterous, and just making ends meet, she discovers a different way to live, but when her mother is involved in a hit-and-run accident Sam must make some difficult choices.


The Thing about the Truth The Thing about the Truth

In this story told from alternating viewpoints, seventeen-year-old Kelsey seeks to redeem her formerly flawless reputation with the help of a senator's sexy but arrogant son, who has ulterior motives.

Such A Rush Such A Rush

High school senior Leah Jones loves nothing more than flying, which allows her to forget her absentee mother and life in a South Carolina trailer park, but when Grayson, the son of her deceased flight instructor, blackmails her into working for him and his brother Alec, the consequences could be deadly.

In Honor In Honor

Three days after she learns that her brother Finn died serving in Iraq, Honor receives a letter from him asking her to drive his car from Texas to California for a concert, and when his estranged best friend shows up suddenly and offers to accompany her, they set off on a road trip that reveals much about all three of them.


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