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Earth from space main() { printf("hello, world"); } Can code be poetry? Can poetry be code? Read about the Stanford University Code Poetry slam. Create your own poetry by learning to write code: with Treehouse with the Safari Tech Books Online collection with books from the SCCLD Library Collection And read poetry in honor of National Poetry Month: But Our Princess Is in Another Castle Sing A Song . . . more »

Parenting Myths Debunked

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Danae clasped her child closely We’ve all heard them, other people advising us on how to raise our children. But what is good advice and what is outdated or incorrect? Science News has collected and debunked five common parenting myths. For anything involving your child’s health it is always good to check in with your pediatrician. The Library also has titles to help with suggestions for everything including biting, healthy . . . more »

Breaking Science News: Inflation during the Big Bang

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Depiction of the Big Bang Today astronomers from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory released their findings about Inflation, an incredibly short period of time just after the Big Bang that expanded our universe at a rapid rate before slowing down. This rapid growth enabled the creation of everything in our universe. Explore more about the Big Bang: . . . more »

100 Books Before Age One

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Research shows that children who are exposed to 30,000 words a day before the age of three do better in school and have better verbal fluency skills. Part of that exposure includes reading to children. So set yourself a new goal to read 100 books to your child before the age of one. They can be short or long. You can repeat the same book . . . more »

Cooking with Kids

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The holiday season is a perfect time for kids to get into the kitchen. Have them help with traditional family dishes or create new ones by looking for fun recipes in cookbooks. . . . more »

Need information for homework? Don't forget the databases and eBooks!

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Now that school is well underway, research assignments are in full swing. Databases and eBooks can provide basic information with pictures for elementary and middle school students. With your library card and PIN, you and your student have a world of information at your fingertips. We have reference eBooks and databases to help with: American History American Revolution Reference Library (eBook) Middle School Plus (database) . . . more »

School Days

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Dinosaur Starts School Nervous about the first day of school? You are not alone. See how others deal with their first day and find out that school can be fun. For more books about school, see your local librarian. For the youngest: Dinosaur Starts School Froggy Goes to School Maisy Goes to Preschool Mouse's First Day of School Splat the Cat Wemberly Worried Chapter books: Amanda Pig, School . . . more »

“How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” “Practice, practice, practice" – or just hop a plane

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Piano Do we really need to practice? New research has found that the old adage ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ is not the full truth. Other factors like ability, intelligence, agility, and age weigh heavily in your level of success. See the story here. A reminder that it is OK to be OK. But how do you know what you can do without trying? Explore a new language . . . more »


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Tornado Twisters Our sympathies go out to those who lost loved ones in yesterday’s tornado in Oklahoma. Extreme weather fascinates and scares us. The more we know, the more we can be prepared to deal with these events. Smithsonian Magazine has a map of tornado activity and a time-lapse video of yesterday's storm. LiveScience charts tornado deaths over the years. Our Science eResources offer more about . . . more »

Electric ruling the road again

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Move over Tesla, Detroit Electric is back. The SP:01 will hit the road in 2014. Back in the early days of the automobile, electric cars competed with gasoline powered vehicles. Detroit Electric produced popular vehicles from 1907-1939. Now they are back with a high end car set to release in August. Check out more about electric cars at the Library. Image: 1912 Detroit Electric Open . . . more »

Awesome Volcanoes

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Olympus Mons The biggest volcano on earth is Mauna Loa in Hawaii but the biggest in the solar system is actually found on Mars, its name is Olympus Mons. The object with the most volcanic activity in our solar system is Io, one of Jupiter’s moons. Covered in volcanoes, its surface is constantly changing to the large amount of volcanic activity. Find out more about volcanoes on . . . more »

In Addition to Tonight’s Bedtime Story, Try a Little Bedtime Math

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Make math fun and practical by adding it in to your everyday routine. The website Bedtime Math offers interesting new math problems everyday designed for “wee ones,” “little kids,” “big kids,” and “the sky’s the limit.” For a math themed evening, enjoy a math story with your math problems: An Abundance of Katherines - As he embarks on a road trip to reevaluate his life, . . . more »