In Addition to Tonight’s Bedtime Story, Try a Little Bedtime Math

Posted on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 by ThatLibraryLady

Make math fun and practical by adding it in to your everyday routine. The website Bedtime Math offers interesting new math problems everyday designed for “wee ones,” “little kids,” “big kids,” and “the sky’s the limit.”

For a math themed evening, enjoy a math story with your math problems:

An Abundance of Katherines An Abundance of Katherines - As he embarks on a road trip to reevaluate his life, Colin attempts to create a mathematical formula to explain his nineteen breakups with girls named Katherine.

Anathem Anathem - For ten years the young avout, Fraa Erasmas, was cloistered in a sanctuary for mathematicians, scientinsts and philosophers. Now he must explore the far reaches of his planet and beyond to help determine the the future of his world.

Math Curse Math Curse - The narrator is afflicted with a "math curse" that affects her entire day. "Does tunafish + tunafish = fournafish?"

See the full listof math stories.


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