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Radiohead has been one of my favorite bands for years, and I know more about them than is probably healthy...haha.  I've often been asked what is the best way to get into the band, in what order should their albums be listened, and just general questions about how to delve into their catalog.  It's easy to dismiss Radiohead as the band who hit it big in 93' with the song 'Creep' and was never heard from again, but it may surprise you to know that in the intervening years between then and now, Radiohead has built a massive worldwide fanbase and are able to sell out an arena tour in under a minute yet for some reason when you ask random folks if they listen to Radiohead, no one seems to be a fan or know anything about them!  I can't explain that, but I can offer this primer of Radiohead's best work and what I most highly recommend for new fans.


Enjoy and happy listening!


- Anne

The Bends The Bends

Cd Cover for Radiohead The Bends


Radiohead's second album

Meeting People Is Easy Meeting People Is Easy

DVD Cover for Radiohead Meeting People is easy

A film about Radiohead!

OK Computer

CD Cover for Radiohead Ok Computer

Radiohead's third (and perhaps best known) album



This is a DVD featuring videos.  Here's a fun fact:  The US version of the video for 'High and Dry' was filmed at Dick's Restaurant in San Leandro, California...visit if you're a diehard fan!




Radiohead's fifth album (and a little electronic-ish)

Strung Out on OK Computer

Strung Out on OK Computer


Just what it says on the tin...quite different and strangely enjoyable


In Rainbows

In Rainbows




A Reggae tribute from Easy Star All-Stars


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Thank you for the post! I

Thank you for the post! I agree OK Computer is the best.