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Posted on Friday, January 25, 2013 by Movies_and_Music


California Theater Stage, SJ CA

(Photo of San Jose's California Theater from Wikimedia)

For your consideration and enjoyment, the Music and Movies Team will be searching out the best and brightest music and movie choices to sample from the SCCLD collection.  We also look forward to featuring movie and music related events at a SCCLD library near you!

As you watch our pages, you will see postings from the experts on our team including:

Anne - A horror movie fan who will also be writing about Country and Folk Music.

Debra - A coffee critic and classical music fan who also writes about documentaries.

Don - Fillups is an awards obsessed enthusiast musing about soundtracks and classic movies.

Gina - MissGina likes to dance and write about all things R&B and Hip-Hop! She writes about movies in the Comedy genre. She is also a casual gamer so she blogs about video games for all consoles.

Jeff - Our international music radio DJ and film fan is especially interested in reggae, world and latin music but will write about anything else that tickles his fancy.

Kay - Enjoys exploring new and unusual movies and music.

Rosario - A film director who likes to write about current movies AND TV as well as electronic music.

Terye - Mztupelo's jazzy jottings include international movies (especially Kurosawa!) and jazz.  She also can be found writing about sporting events.

Vicki- She follows the contemporary movie scene and loves writing about children's music.

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