Prom Season is Here!

Posted on Monday, April 29, 2013 by HylaryL

Break out the ball gowns, tuxedos and corsages…prom season is here! Whether you’re attending your prom this year or not, this infamous well-loved occasion is the subject of many romantic, funny and entertaining books for teens. So if you’re in the mood to celebrate throngs of high school students getting dressed up and dancing the night away, reserve your copy of one of our many prom themed books from your local library branch today! Check out the highlights below, and click here to see our complete prom book list.

The Prom Queen

The Prom Queen (2013)
by Melody Carlson

Life gets more and more complicated for a high school girl who decides to do whatever it takes to be elected as prom queen.

Tessa Masterson Will Go to Prom

Tessa Masterson Will Go to Prom (2012)
by Emily Franklin

Feeling humiliated and confused when his best friend Tessa rejects his love and reveals a long-held secret, high school senior Luke must decide if he should stand by Tessa when she invites a female date to the prom, sparking a firestorm of controversy in their small Indiana town.

Prom and Prejudice

Prom and Prejudice (2011)
Elizabeth Eulberg

For Lizzie Bennett, a music scholarship student at Connecticut's exclusive, girls-only Longbourn Academy, the furor over prom is senseless, but even more puzzling is her attraction to the pompous Will Darcy, best friend of her roommate's boyfriend.

It's Our Prom (so Deal with It)