Latinos in Film - Drama!

Posted on Friday, January 18, 2013 by Movies_and_Music

La Mission La Mission

Latinos and latinas are starring in, producing, directing, and writing scripts for more and more movies. Their roles in film has changed through the years- both behind the screen and onscreen. Recent movies which show latino lifestyles in the drama genre share new latino perspectives. 

Latinos are more recently seen as protagonists in modern drama movies. La Mission explores the father and son dynamic, which is rarely discussed in latino movies. This movie also explores issues such as sexual orientation. This film also addresses biracial relationships, something that I have been seeing as a trend in more movies. One thing that seems to remain the same (and I am thankful for as a music enthusiast) is the quality of music put into the films and soundtrack.

La Bamba La Bamba Blood In, Blood Out Blood In, Blood Out





Here, I have a list of a few latino films for the drama genre!


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