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Mother and Child

by: Agnes Ethelwyn Wetherald (1857–1940)

mother and baby


I saw a mother holding

 Her play-worn baby son,

Her pliant arms enfolding

 The drooping little one.







mother child



Her lips were made of sweetness,

 And sweet the eyes above;

With infantile completeness

 He yielded to her love.






mother and baby



And I who saw the heaving

 Of breast to dimpling cheek,

Have felt, within, the weaving

 Of thoughts I cannot speak;









mother child


Have felt myself the nestling,

All strengthless, love-enisled;

Have felt myself the mother

 Abrood above her child.








Mothers Day - the poetic holiday of holidays - for mothers and motherhood embody the spirit of poetry.  What better way to celebrate Mothers Day than by sharing poetry found through the library?  SCCLD is the place for poetry - whether in print or online!  

Agnes Ethelwyn Wetherald's poem above--and thousands more--can be found on the SCCLD online resource:   Columbia Granger's World of Poetry, The

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