Poetry Wednesdays at Milpitas Library in April

Posted on Monday, March 25, 2013 by LaurenJoan

April-is-POETRY-is-Wednesdays at 6 pm at Milpitas Library - flex your poetry muscles with a month of programs.  Poetry Month at Milpitas Library has poetry for everyone -- poets, listeners, kids, teens, and adults. Stop by any Wednesday and you will be swept into a great waxing tide of the eloquent, whether elegant or comic or silly or gargantuan or formidable or enlightenting or just plain funny-- in a veritable variety of voluptuous poetic voices! Wooo Hooo!

All Wednesday Poetry Month programs will be held in the Auditorium and are open and free to the public poet or listener. Some programs even have prize $$ and some will have - it's rumored - refreshments!

For more information - call 408-262-1171 ext. 3625 or 3617. 

These wonderful opportunities for poetry sharing are made possible thanks to the Friends of the Milpitas Library -- Hoozah!

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