Milpitas Student Wins 'Growing Up Asian in America' Prize

Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 by Milpitas_Library

Milpitas Student Wins 'Growing Up Asian in America' Contest

Symbol for Asian Pacific FundAllison Choe, a 9-year-old student at Sinnott Elementary School in Milpitas, is a rising star in the world of poetry.  While crossing the Golden Gate Bridge with her family the idea came to her that bridges are for connecting more than just two areas on opposite sides of water.  Bridges also connect ideas, cultures, people.  This is the theme of Allison's award-winning poem for the 'Growing Up Asian in America' contest.

The Milpitas Library now has an exhibit on the 'Growing Up Asian in America' project.  It is in the library's Reading Court and will be up through the end of October.  Allison's poem is featured along with the other winning entries. 

Take a look at these clips of Allison.  In one she explains the concept for her award-winning poem.  In the other she reads her poem at a poetry slam at the Milpitas Library.

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