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 Healthy Halloween Treats

Carrot finger food

Halloween is traditionally a time when a lot of us overdose on sugar, fat and artificial color-laden candy. Would you like to have a healthier experience for your family this year – without anyone’s feeling deprived? Take a look at Healthy Halloween Treats by Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo. You will find recipes for lots of fun foods such as Chocolate Spiders, Banana Ghosts and Blood Punch, and many other treats that you will be able to enjoy without guilt.

You might also look at some of these recipes on-line from Family Fun:

recipe for carrot finger food

 Carrot-Finger Food

Hungry goblins will love getting their hands on these crunchy carrot snacks.


Snack o lanterns


Our healthy, fruity version of a jack-o'-lantern is a great Halloween party treat.

View more healthy recipes for Halloween at: 

15 Hauntingly Healthy Halloween Snacks




Healthy Halloween Treats

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