Modern Art in Downtown Los Altos

Posted on Wednesday, October 30, 2013 by LosAltos_Library

The air is crisp!  The weather is gorgeous!  When I strolled down the street in downtown Los Altos the other day I noticed the colorful painting on the ground.  Aha!  That’s the “Cross Hatch” by artist Jessica Stockholder.  It is the first art work of six installations for “Project Los Altos”, a collaboration between the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the city of Los Altos.

Looking at the lines and shapes reminds me the rich collection of art books we have at the library.  Check these books out:


I Spy Shapes in Art I Spy Shapes in Art

Katie Meets the Impressionists Katie Meets the Impressionists

Look! Look!

Museum ABC

Art Is Art Is

Looking at Nature Looking at Nature

Dinner at Magritte's Dinner at Magritte's

Vincent's Colors Vincent's Colors

Museum ABC

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