Congratulation! Art Contest winners- Phillip Baek and Kimberly Fong!

Posted on Tuesday, November 20, 2012 by LosAltos_Library

Los Altos is very proud to have two winners in "We Are America" art contest.  Phillip Baek won the first place of  the 3-5 grade category and Kimberly Fong took second place.  Phillip wrote:"We all stand to hold and support our country.  Even though we have different backgrounds, the country we are holding forms one, therefore is great America."  Kimberly made it clear by saying: "America is great because people come here with a dream and those people achieve it.  Another thing that  makes America great is it's okay to be different.  You can be whatever you want to be."  These two talented youngsters were given an award and prizes by Los Altos Mayor Pro Tem Fishpaw.  The award winning art works will be diaplayed in the children's room at Los Altos Library for two weeks starting November 21st.

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