Medieval Inspiration

Posted on Thursday, September 26, 2013 by LisaLibrarian

Medieval-inspired Knits Medieval churches in Sweden’s Uppland province are richly decorated with frescoes filled with swirling vines, graceful borders, and interesting color combinations. These inspired Anna-Karin Lundberg to create a series of garments translating this visual richness to knitting, in her book Medieval-inspired Knits. There are sweaters with over-all brocade patterns. There are swirling vine patterns used in borders and panels. There are intriguing color combinations (old . . . more »

Crafting on The Edge

Posted on Wednesday, September 4, 2013 by LisaLibrarian

The Finer Edge The Finer Edge is a great resource for knitters and sewers as well as crocheters. Kristin Omdahl has page after page of crocheted trims, motifs, and borders, organized by whether they’re crocheted top-down, bottom-up, side-to-side, or some other way. Each page has the directions for the stitch, a large clear photograph of the trim and a line-drawing of the pattern showing how the stitch works. . . . more »