Less is More Parenting

Posted on Monday, March 18, 2013 by Life_and_Relationships

A recent new book caught my eye.

Duct Tape Parenting Duct Tape Parenting

So, another use for duct tape?  Now, I do love the new colored stuff...and truly what doesn't duct tape do?  We have constructed school projects, fixed an aquarium, made a wallet and held together a bike with the sticky stuff in my family.

And now, author Vicki Hoefle, offers the suggestion of using duct tape to hold yourself (not your children -- thank goodness) back from over-parenting.  Rather than being the do-all mom or interfering dad, Hoefle recommends less intervention and more training for kids to do it themselves.  She advocates for Kindergartners making their own breakfast, preteens folding laundry and teens taking out the trash cans without being asked, reminded or rewarded.

I thought she made some good points and as she is a mother of five, she does have some experience to back her up.  The book is a quick read that may offer parents a few thoughts, some inspiration and a few laughs as well.  

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