Teen Pick of the Month: In The After

Posted on Tuesday, August 27, 2013 by Lolo_Librarian

In the After

In the After

By Demitria Lunetta

Grades 8+

455 pages

It is just another day for 15 year-old Amy, who's at home watching television while her parents are out… then everything suddenly changes, when a colony of flesh-eating creatures invades and quickly consumes much of the Earth’s human population. Luckily her parents were “end-of-the-world nuts,” who had equipped their home with non-perishable foods, solar-powered energy, and an electric fence which keeps her safe from the predators.

While out looking for extra food and supplies one day, Amy rescues a lone toddler in the produce aisle, who she immediately adopts and names “Baby.” The two girls live together for the next few years, forming a family-like bond, and even developing their own version of sign language (as noise attracts the creatures). Eventually they are rescued and taken to a survivor’s colony named New Hope, which appears to be a safe haven upon first arrival. But life in “the After” isn’t always as it seems, and finding out the truth might mean giving up the few things Amy has left in her world.

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