Team Betty or Team Veronica?

Posted on Saturday, August 10, 2013 by Lolo_Librarian

Okay, who else here collected Archie comics as a kid? I remember running to the book store (remember those?) at least monthly, anxious to get my hands on the newest installments of Archie, along with his friends' series like Jughead or Sabrina. Eventually I had amassed quite a large collection, from the newest editions to classics dating back to the 1950's, but stopped collecting them as I got older.

Now Archie is all grown up too, and has also gotten married! The newest (adult) series, Archie: The Married Life, explores the possibilities of what his life would be like with Betty vs Veronica. There is also a cast of new characters, including a military same-sex couple enjoying the privilege of being able to marry legally. Check out this new series, and see if you're still on Team Betty or Team Veronica... for the record, I always thought Betty was a better match, but knew his heart beat faster for Veronica.




** Book four is set to be released in November 2013

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