K-Pop for Beginners

Posted on Wednesday, September 18, 2013 by klarakim

There's a Korean harvest festival called Chuseok that's hundreds of years old and is being celebrated this week. You can celebrate too by hanging out with your family, eating Korean food, and listening to fabulous k-pop! 

The library can help you with the k-pop part but you will have to supply your own family and Korean food, sorry. Here, maybe this delightful gif will make you feel better:



When it comes to k-pop groups, my favorite by far is 2NE1. They have the BEST music videos, with super fierce styling and wonderfully over the top visuals:



Then there's Super Junior, which is like an American boy band gone meta. Seriously, I want to say 'Korea, are you crazy? THIRTEEN MEMBERS?!' but Korea just says 'Why not?' and you just have to bask in the sublime sense of yes-they-went-there happening right before your eyes, especially when they dance like this:



Speaking of mega groups, the most popular Korean idol group in the world is probably Girls Generation. Nine members strong, their super synchronized dance moves make you want to say 'Thank you, Girls Generation, for exploding my brain with your awesomeness.'



Also, most people know Psy around the world as a one hit wonder. But he's been really popular in Korea for years, famous for his super energetic live shows:



These are some of the biggest names in k-pop right now. Here are some more links to library CDs you can borrow and their corresponding YouTube videos!

2PM - video for Again & Again

Beast - video for Beautiful Night

f(x) - video for Electric Shock

Kara - video for Step

T-ara - video for Bo Peep Bo Peep

After School - video for Flashback (dance practice version!)


... Okay, I can't resist: one last video for Big Bang! The video is a post-apocalyptic science fiction fantasy with more bizarre outfits than you could shake Lady Gaga's leg at. It is FANTASTIC BABY:



I hope you had fun watching k-pop music videos with me! Don't blame me if you fall down a rabbit hole of songs you probably don't understand and haircuts you understand even less.



Image credit: 2NE1 gif from www.ygladies.com, GG gif from http://iyoonarawrx.deviantart.com.


- Klara (read my blog here: This is the Blog that Books Built)

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You really schooled me - wow. Love it!


Totally fascinating and entertaining! Thank you for sharing!

K-Pop for Beginners

Thanks for posting this really fun blog. All the videos were great and I look forward to listening to the CDs.

I'm also really happy you posted a link to your awesome blog!