8 Teen Spaces Just For You

Posted on Monday, August 19, 2013 by klarakim

All 8 of our libraries have teen spaces built just for you! According to my painstaking research (aka Google Maps), visiting all 8 would mean:

  • 1 hour and 52 minutes of driving
  • 5 hours and 59 minutes of biking
  • 21 hours and 4 minutes of walking

Lucky for you, we collected photos of all the teen spaces to save you all that pesky travel time. First up on our tour of teen spaces is:



I think of Saratoga Library as "the one with the fireplace in the lobby" but if you're a Saratoga teen you might think of it as "the one with the awesome chairs with little trays for my stuff."



Behold, it is the citizens of Teenopolis! A city of teens? That sounds like the plot to the dystopian teen series Gone where all the adults disappear overnight and teens develop special powers. Speaking of dystopias, I've always thought the library would be a great place to hide out after a disaster so Teenopolis might be the best place for you too, even if the apocalypse hasn't happened ... yet.


Morgan Hill

Whoa, Morgan Hill has some awesome art decorating their teen space. Definitely not your usual library artwork.



Woodland may be a tiny library but they make sure to have a space just for their young adults. Do you like the term "young adult"? It sounds a little like they should call the rest of the library the "old adult" section.



Gilroy: Where teens look at computers and do homework and stuff! If my group work in high school was this fun I would have enjoyed certain classes a lot more. Maybe they're taking a break and sharing YouTube links with each other.



Most people don't know that Campbell Library is popular with ghosts. Here you can see a group of excited ghosts floating from shelf to shelf to find the latest John Green novel. (Just kidding. I had no time to get photo release forms from Campbell teens in time for this blog post, sorry!)


Okay, so all the libraries have displays that tell you all about contests and events but this particular display is notable for being packed with great reads handpicked by your librarian.

Los Altos

Last but not least, Los Altos Library! I dig the glass windows, the stars on the ceiling, and artwork on the walls. We all work really hard to make these spaces comfortable and welcoming for you guys and we hope you enjoyed this tour of your teen spaces!

- Klara (read my blog here: This is the Blog that Books Built.)

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