Boo! Spooky Cute Halloween Luminaria!

Posted on Friday, September 28, 2012 by klarakim

Are you ready for Halloween fun? This zombie, jack o'lantern, and monster would like to sit in your window and greet trick-or-treaters:



If you're in Grades 4th-8th, you can make your own lanterns too! Please sign up in advance at the Children's Information Desk at Campbell Library and remember to bring a 2 liter bottle. Our Halloween Luminaria craft program is a two-week endeavor:

Week #1: Wednesday 10/17 @3:30pm - Get crazy with the glue!

We let the glue dry and then ...

Week #2: Wednesday 10/24 @3:30pm - Decorate your masterpieces!


(Click to make the flyer bigger!)


Before you go, these guys have a question for you:


Feel free to answer them in the comments!

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