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Posted on Saturday, July 14, 2012 by klarakim

Sometimes I think about all the cool stuff that people are working on right this very minute so that millions of other people can enjoy them in the future. My calendar is marked with the release dates of all kinds of new comics, movies, and albums. Here's a spotlight on some stuff I'm excited is on the way and what SCCLD materials you can consume in the meantime.


The Great Gatsby (Release Date: December 2012)

There's something so utterly perfect about Baz Luhrmann not only directing The Great Gatsby but releasing it in 3D! It's a technology usually reserved for making parents spend more money on overpriced and  not-so-great children's movies but here it could be used for good! The gorgeous costumes, the period cars, the debauchery! Wouldn't you like to see Daisy Buchanan's jewels sparkle in 3D?

In the meantime: Throw a Gatsby-themed party! Or borrow the book from the library.


Ender's Game (Release Date: November 2013)

I don't know how adaptable the rest of the series is but I've personally always found Ender's Game to be a very cinematic book. Hopefully they've found charismatic enough actors to portray the students and have the guts to make the action sequences as grisly as necessary. If you're hungry to follow the production of the film, try reading the official Ender's Game production blog. Fans are already dissecting intricately put-together scenes like Ender's bedroom, creating some cool fan theories along the way.

In the meantime: Borrow the whole series from the library, follow the production blog.


Avatar: the Last Airbender - The Search by Gene Yang (Release date: ???)

If you're a fan of Tintin comics or Studio Ghibli films, I highly recommend this action-packed and emotionally intelligent TV show, Avatar: The Last Airbender. After you're hooked, you have to read The Promise, a book that takes the characters' stories past the ending of the show.

I let out a little yelp when I found out they're doing ANOTHER comic called "The Search" that is going to tell us what happened to Prince Zuko's mother. That's one of the -- if not the -- BIGGEST unsolved mysteries of the entire show and fans have been waiting year after year to find out what's sure to be an absolutely poignant and teary answer. 

In the meantime: Watch the entire series and read The Promise!

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