Fall into Books at Campbell Story Times

Posted on Thursday, September 19, 2013 by Jenforkids

Fall is truly my favorite season.  This week is the official last week of summer, thus in preparation all stories were Autumn related this week at story time.

Check out the beautiful colors in these picture books:

Leaf Man Leaf Man

Fall Leaves Fall! Fall Leaves Fall!

Fall Mixed up Fall Mixed up

Reading with your child helps them early on prepare for reading on their own.

To support early literacy sing, talk, read, write and play with your child.

The key areas that children need to build on in the earliest years are:

1.     Phonological awareness

2.      Vocabulary

3.       Background Knowledge

4.      Print Conventions/Awareness

5.       Letter Knowledge


This week’s tip is on:

Phonological awareness: The ability to hear and play with the smaller sounds in words.

Tip of the week:

One way that you support phonological awareness -- hearing the smaller sounds in words -- starts with just hearing sounds.  When you are playing or reading together, you can say animal sounds, the sounds of cars, a doorbell, really any sound and then have the child repeat what you say.

At Home TO-DO

Make fun sounds as you point out things for your child.





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