Writing a report? Read an e-Book.

Posted on Monday, October 28, 2013 by Jenforkids

What’s an e-book, anyway?  It really is quite simple...an e-book is just a digital version of a real book.  Yes, with page numbers, an index and everything.  And, SCCLD offers a wide variety of factual e-books for students. The collection includes some great titles right in line with the information needed for those assignments on California Missions, holidays and more.

These nonfiction books are easily read right from the computer screen and don’t require a checkout.  Just log into the kids page on the library website and start reading.  No trip to the actual library is even required.  Just have your library card and pin number handy and hit the Kids page at www.sccl.org/kids/home

Mission San Rafael Archangel Mission San Antonio De Padua Mission San Antonio De Padua

Holidays of the World Cookbook for Students Holidays of the World Cookbook for Students



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