A muddy storytime!

Posted on Wednesday, July 10, 2013 by Jenforkids

This morning's toddler story time was all about MUD!  Lots of fun books feature getting dirty and getting clean.  

Pete the Cat Pete the Cat

Sticky People Sticky People

We sang the baby Bumblebee song and enjoyed the flannel story "Mouse and the bees"

I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee, 
Won't my mommy be so proud of me, 
I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee, 
Don’t let it sting you!


One Duck Stuck One Duck Stuck


Worms love mud, so we danced to Hap Palmer's "Walter the waltzing worm" and shared this fingerplay:

                            Five little wiggle worms 

Wiggling up a tree.

Teasing Mr. Blue Bird

As fast as can be.


There goes the  worm!

Now where can she be?

Under the ground as safe as can be


Early Literacy Tip for Today: